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Grills & Smokers for sale at - your one-stop shop for all your grill needs. Whether you prefer the clean ease of use of a gas grill or the traditional smoky taste of barbecue cooked on a charcoal grill has the perfect grill for you.


Z Grills is the industry leader and originator of the Wood Pellet Grill! We provide a world-class culinary experience in our customers through our innovative 8-1 grill, providing the ability to Grill, Smoke, Bake, Roast, Braise & BBQ! We provide the same world-class experience in our employees as we do to our customers, retail partners, and vendors. Recently, Z Grills has been launched as a sponsor of the World Food Competition. Z GRILLS is known for its durability and craftsmanship, as well as for its family-style and approach to business. Z GRILLS takes pride in creating whatever the customers (and employees) dream up.

The difference is in the taste. Wood pellet grills infuse your food with natural, wood-smoked flavors that you can’t get from charcoal or gas grills. You can choose from a variety of wood-smoked flavors such as oak, apple, pecan, cherry, mesquite, etc. to give your food that extra kick.

Wood pellet grills are also known for their versatility. Z Grills offers 8-in-1 that allows you to grill, BBQ, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and sear. They are also less labor-inducing and easier to maintain thanks to its digital temperature control and automatic pellet feeder that regulates the temperature for you. You won’t be chained to the grill on your next backyard BBQ.

Consistency is also key. With convection heat distribution, you can cook evenly every single time. It also prevents flare-ups and over-smoking your food, which means more mouth-watering dishes all year-round. You’ll grill like a pro in any time.