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BBQ Rubs & Seasonings that make your barbecue taste better and save you money

A ‘rub’ (also known as a dry rub, spice rub, seasoning rub, dry marinade, BBQ rub, or wet rub/paste when wet) is any mixture of ground spices made for the purpose of being rubbed on meat prior to cooking.  Salt and sugar are frequently included in the rub - the salt for flavor and the sugar for caramelization. Rub recipes are often kept very secret, with Grill masters guarding their recipes jealously and not revealing their secret ingredients to anyone. Often, rub recipes are passed from one generation to the next within a family.  These days, because of the lack of time available to cook in most modern societies, rubs are sold in gourmet stores and some brands enjoy a loyal following, If you want to take your BBQ to the next level, then take a look at our large selection of the best BBQ rubs for sale.